Wisdom Teeth Removal Oakville

Wisdom Teeth Removal Oakville

When Is the Removal of Wisdom Tooth Necessary?

Wisdom teeth are third molars located in the back of the mouth. While they usually emerge in the late 20s, others can have them as teenagers. In some cases, wisdom teeth are misaligned and lack space to grow properly, causing damage to the surrounding teeth, as well as pain and infections. When this happens, a wisdom teeth removal treatment is necessary.

At Family Dentist Tree, we offer wisdom teeth extraction services for patients in Toronto and surrounding areas. We have a team of dental healthcare professionals to conduct X-rays and other oral checkups before the wisdom teeth removal procedure.

If your mouth lacks room for your wisdom teeth to fully erupt, it can result in several dental issues. The dentist will have to remove the impacted tooth before its root structure is fully developed. When left untreated, the problem is likely to occur with increasing frequency after your 30s and can lead to the following:

  • Infection

One of the most common reasons for wisdom teeth removal is pericoronitis (localized gum infection). When the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to erupt, the gum tissue surrounding the tooth becomes irritated and infected. Without wisdom teeth removal, it can lead to recurring pain and swelling, making chewing and/or swallowing difficult.

  • Cyst Formation

Non-removal of impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to the formation of cysts. These fluid-filled balloons inside the jawbone will eventually expand and damage the adjacent jaw bone, and in some cases, the teeth. In rare cases, the delayed removal of the wisdom tooth can lead to a tumour. That is why our dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal early to prevent the possibility of cyst formation.

  • Damage to the Adjacent Teeth

When there is inadequate room, cleaning around the wisdom tooth can be difficult. This can cause damage to the second molar, which leads to tooth decay, gum diseases, and bone loss around the tooth.

  • Potential Crowding

While other factors contribute to the crowding of the teeth, non-removal of impacted wisdom teeth can cause localized crowding. Removing the impacted tooth is crucial for the prevention of long-term damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw bone.

How Much Does a Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Ontario?

Typically, the cost of having your wisdom tooth removed may depend on various factors, including the level of difficulty involved in the removal of the impacted tooth and the types of sedation used during the procedure. During the consultation, the dentist may require an X-ray so they can determine the condition and positioning of your wisdom tooth, complete a dental examination, and determine the right level of sedation for you. The information obtained will provide the dentist with an accurate estimate of the cost of the procedure. Also, you need to contact your insurance provider to learn about their policy regarding the extent of coverage for a particular surgical procedure.

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